So what are the local business issues?

The first Grangetown Business Forum brought together 33 people from 13 different businesses – from specialist shops to catering enterprises run from home.

Business coach Rob Firth led a session in which everyone discussed some local issues.

Here’s a recap!

What do we like about Grangetown?

  • The community
  • Its rich culture – its multicultures and diversity
  • It’s easy to get out of and into
  • It’s friendly, “nosey!” – “people talk to you!”
  • There’s green space
  • There’s talent, activities and places like Tramshed
  • It’s a “real life EastEnders

What needs to improve?

  • Parking – spaces (short stay?) needed for people who shop, also loading/delivery; control when there are big events.
  • Road repairs
  • Drug dealing
  • Misconceptions of the area – an image problem
  • The new traffic junction work at Penarth Rd has been detrimental – also the traffic lights change too fast
  • Too much rubbish/litter
  • Empty shops
  • Street lighting
  • Dog mess
  • Increasing density
  • The shopping area could look better
  • Access to language education
  • Waste issues particularly with rented accommodation
  • Pollution


The biggest business issues?

  • Parking and congestion
  • Finding staff
  • Landlords charging too much for rent
  • No budget for marketing or advertising
  • Business rates
  • Too many start-ups failing
  • Too many supermarkets – and taking business off general stores
  • Bad food hygiene
  • Running costs
  • Not enough people aware of local business
  • No funding to support established businesses.


The way forward, what could the business forum involve?

  • Meeting monthly – or quarterly. The next meeting is now set for the Tramshed Tech for 27th February at 6.30pm and we’ll go from there.
  • Help with marketing
  • Setting up a Facebook group or online forum so businesses can keep in touch
  • Help with running costs and forecasting
  • Investing and growing the business
  • What grants and bursaries are available
  • Signposting – awareness of issues
  • Networking
  • Build up contacts
  • Work towards a shop local campaign
  • Forum meetings to discuss topics e.g. waste arrangements with Cardiff Council
  • Experts on tap from Cardiff Business School





  1. What shops do we need/want.
    Which local shopping areas do well in Cardiff and why.
    How about same day deliveries?
    More activities and events to encourage people to shopping area.
    Advertising offers, doing free tastings.
    Placemaking event with street seating.

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