Going soft for new pop-up

Sion Elis Williams – back in his home city and living in Grangetown – is looking at the potential for his pop-up drinks business, Soft and Wet.

He was at the February meeting of Grangetown Business Forum to tap in to our session on marketing with Rob Firth.

Sion – who gave up drinking alcohol a little while back – was inspired by BrewDog in Cardiff serving the virtually no alcohol Nanny State, a flavoursome craft ale with only a 0.5% strength.

Back in London, he set about making a homemade chinotto, a bittersweet Italian drink with no alcohol, with a mate.

He’s now looking at the potential for low alcohol beers – but ones with flavour – as well as soft drinks which aren’t the disappointing let-downs that those designated drivers among us know all too well.

Name of business: Soft and Wet

Location: Pop-up

Have you a web page/email/Facebook/Twitter? softandwet.co.uk

How long have you been operating and what’s your background? Just over a year, Cardiff-born, Grangetown-based.

Is there one thing you sell that I should have; what would you recommend? Bernard Free low-alcohol, unpasteurized Czech beer (0.5% ABV)

What three things would make being a business in Grangetown better? Pedestrianisation; better public transport, cycling and walking infrastructure; clean air.

Your business motto/unique selling point? A not-so-dry bar serving the best low alcohol beers, distinctive soft drinks, shameless food and real music. Our mission: Quench your thirst, indulge your appetites. USP: A range of high-end, low alcohol beers all under one roof, unavailable anywhere else in the UK.

Come along to the next Grangetown Business Forum on Monday 27th March (6.30pm) at TramshedTech. You can share your story – grangetowncardiff@yahoo.co.uk





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