Still on the corner, at your convenience

Once there used to be more than a dozen shops along Court Road – selling everything from fish and chips to bicycles. Now there’s only one left – Mas and Co on the corner.

Kan Balan and his wife Uma are well known and friendly faces to residents in the surrounding streets. They’ve been running the corner shop on the junction with Jubilee Street since taking it over from the previous owner Mas; the shop still has his name.

Competing with the grocery chains on the nearby High Street  – Tesco and One Shop – but still very local for those wanting to pop out for milk, bread, a lottery ticket and those “few other things”.

The couple, Sri Lankan by background, came to Cardiff 30 years ago. But they haven’t stood still with the business.

Kan and Uma last year gave the shop a complete revamp inside with new cabinets and shelf lay-out. They also usually stay open until 10pm.

They also run their regular promotions on food and drink – there’s currently half price margarine and offers on goods ranging from chocolates, baked beans to bacon. The message is: It’s not just the big boys who are offering deals.

Kan also has, for a small shop, a pretty decent range of good wine. And he’s always looking for feedback on these!


kan1Name of business: Mas and Co

Location: 58 Court Road

How long have you been operating and what’s your background? There has been a retail outlet here for over 100 years and it has been under Uma’s ownership for more than 15 years

Is there one thing you sell that I should have; what would you recommend? Great wine offers £2 off when you two bottles of any quality wine and Kan’s Super Slush!

What things would make being a business in Grangetown better? Local publicity and awareness

Your business motto/unique selling point?  Honest, respectful and friendly kan3

If you’re a local business who’d like to tell your story, email

The next Grangetown Local Business Forum meets at TramshedTech at 6.30pm on Monday 27th March.


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