New fashion brand – with a message

One Unity clothing is a new brand set up in Cardiff – and which will be a featured stall at the new Grangetown World Market on Saturday 22nd July.
Bilal Anjum is behind the venture – and explains how the Arabic branding is aiming to spread a message of peace and unity.
Tell us a bit about yourself and how you came to be interested in fashion/clothing etc?

It’s just me running the business and I’m a student at Cardiff University going into my 2nd year, so I am 19 years old. I was generally interested in creating a business, but I used my interest of fashion to purse it down those lines. I wanted to create high end looking products inspired by Arabic branding, where I thought there was a niche. This led me to creating this clothing brand.

How long have you been going?

I started two months ago.

What sort of fashion range are you producing?

We produce high quality products by using the best materials, such as velour and suede. However, we want to offer it at an affordable price. We infused that ethos with Arabic branding and having a core message behind the clothes.

Your strapline is “fashion brand with a message” – what is that message all about?

The message is about spreading unity and peace around the world. When customers wear our products, they representing that message.


The script/wording on your clothing – what does it say?

The direct translation is “Unity”. However, as Arabic words have more than one meaning, the universal translation is oneness.

What are your aims for the future – what would you like One Unity to be in a few years time?

My aims are like other starting up brands, to be big as possible in terms of sales and exposure. However, in three years’ time or more I want to be the biggest Arabic inspired brand in the world. Also, be able to make an impact on local/national charity projects and be able to support local communities as well.

One Unity will be at the Grangetown World Market on Saturday 22nd July, 11am-3pm, off Lucknow Street and Havelock Place. You can also buy online.



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