Macaron heaven with Lolo and Elena

We all like cakes don’t we? Well, they’re a work of art for Grangetown-based Lolo’s Cake Away.  The business makes desserts and cakes for events, buffets, parties and can be found food markets – so we’re delighted to be selling their lovely products at their first “local” street market on July 22nd.
We asked Elena, one half of the business, a few questions.
Q You’ve a background as a pastry chef, when and why did you decide to start your own business?
I’ve worked as a pastry chef for about 12 years in various 5 stars establishments including Raymond Blanc’s 2 Michelin star hotel. Although I loved my job I wanted to have my own business where I could freely use the skills I’ve acquired over the years especially my French patisserie diploma. Lolo’s Cake Away was started in 2015 by Elena and Lolo as a family business. Elena designs and make our beautiful cakes and Authentic French macarons and Lolo deals with product tasting and marketing/promotion .
Q Are we all getting a sweeter tooth – or is it just people are really developing a love for cakes that aren’t what you normally buy in the supermarket? 
We make home-made cakes using skills and recipes developed over many years.  With the explosion in popularity of Great British Bake Off and Creme de la Creme there is a real appetite out there to try top quality, hand-made creations, but many people lack the time, tools or knowledge to make these specialities themselves.
We absolutely love being able to share our creations with our customers and we love their feedback even more.
We are also among the very few businesses in Wales making and selling Authentic French Macarons .
Q What’s the most unusual request you’ve had?
I had someone asking for a cake in the shape of a pelvic bone on its side with a hip joint and attached femur.
Q If you had to choose one cake you make, what would you suggest people should try?
Try our Majestic Macarons, there is a variety for every taste.
Q Do you think you will have your own shop one day?
That is the dream, but at the moment with such a young family to take care of, the ability to work from home is perfect. Perhaps when Lolo Jr.
Lolo’s Cake Away will be at the Grangetown World Market on Saturday 22nd July (11am-3pm) between Lucknow Street and Havelock Place – 100 yards from Clare Road and Penarth Rd. 

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