Drawing on the beauty of nature

There’s so much talent and so many creative people in Grangetown – artists, crafts-people, musicians – it’s not that far under the surface if you look. Nelly Adam – a.k.a. Queen Niche – will be bringing some of her hand-drawn designs to Grangetown World Market on Saturday 22nd July and you will be able to buy prints, bags and key-rings. The work is just beautiful. So we asked her a few questions….. 
Q How long have you been designing?
I have been drawing my designs over the last five years and am currently still developing ideas and images.
Q Tell us a bit about what inspires you and your creations?
It started as a doodle which allowed me to drift into my own zen. I started noticing that even whilst I drew around people, everyone seemed to be as mesmerised by these patterns and they seemed to enter the same state of zen. My work got a lot of positive feedback and as I continued to draw, my work started evolving and formed patterns which created images of animals and people. At this point I realised that I loved what I did as it not only inspired me but it inspired others around me.
I am inspired by everyday life and current events. Some of my inspirations and pieces of work include animals, people, religion and names which are influenced by my natural surroundings and the beauty of nature such as flowers, trees etc. I visualise a pattern in everything I see around me which is reflected within my designs. My designs are all hand drawn and through hardship I found tranquillity in these zen patterns and everyday emotions influence the way I draw and design my pieces.
Q When did you decide you wanted to take this up as a business idea?
It was about four years ago that I started putting together an action plan to create a business idea using my skills.
Q Tell us a bit about yourself and your background?
I grew up in Grangetown and studied at St. Cyres comprehensive. From there I attended UWIC and graduated in 2009 with a BSc Hons in Biomedical Science. I was uncertain of my career path at the time and ended up working and training in HR. I eventually ended up managing a Local Business in Grangetown.
Q What sort of lines will you have at the market on Saturday?
On Saturday tshere will be a variety of merchandise available to purchase. Products will range from key-rings, Image prints in different sizes, Bespoke handbags (pictured above), shoes and clothing all hand-drawn making each item a one of a kind.
Q Are you hopeful the market will be an outlet/showcase for lots of local talent and business start-ups too?
Yes, of course! There is a lot of talent and hopefully this world market will be a good starting foundation for many local buisnesses and talent.
Q Are people able to buy online etc for you too, if so how?
I am currently in the process of creating an online store where awider range of bespoke products including tshirts and will be available. Seaerch forwww.queenniche.com and enter your email for an instant update when the store launches and goes live. Follow my facebook page @queenniche and my Instagram ‘queenniche’.
You can also contact me via email queen.niche.arts@gmail.com or call me on 07935972346 for private commissions.



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