Hand-made gifts for winter street market

Photo: Keith Hursthouse

Grangetown World Market is holding its winter seasonal event on Saturday 2nd December (10am until 3pm) at St Patrick’s school carpark. It’s aiming to showcase some of the best young creative talent in the area – and one of those who is returning is Anna Palamar, who will be offering some beautiful and unique gifts, with Christmas in mind.

Q How long have you had your business?

Anna Palamar Designs celebrated two years on the 1st of November. Since July 2016 we are a full-time business.

 Q Anna, tell us a bit about yourself and how it’s developed?

I’m a designer and printmaker, based in Cardiff. I graduated with a degree in textiles from Cardiff Metropolitan University in 2015 and since then started my own business. I create a range of original paper- and textile-based goods, as well as beautifully scented, handcrafted candles. All of my work is made and decorated by hand. 
My aim is to create gifts that will bring joy to everyday life and will make my customers feeling special by owning unique, individually printed treasures.

 Q You were at the last Grangetown Market in July, what did you think of it?

 Fantastic event, thanks for having me!

 Q What sort of lines will you have at the next market?

We will focus on our hand poured candles (with Christmas specials) and our super cosy handprinted hoodies for the Christmas market.

Q We had a good feedback from market-goers about the atmosphere but also that it would make them more likely to shop locally. Is that sort of thing important?

Absolutely! Supporting locally-made is supporting the actual people, your community. It is also a completely different shopping experience.

Q Are people also able to buy online from you too?

I sell through Etsy marketplace as well as directly via my website. Open to wholesale and custom orders too 🙂




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