Brews on the move

Another popular – and for many of us, much-needed – stall at the Grangetown World Market on 2nd December will be Coffee-Bike, which will be shortly celebrating its first year. In the saddle is Shaun O’Donovan who tells us a bit about how his brews on the move came about. Photo: Keith Hursthouse.

Q.How long have you had your business?

Coffee-Bike began operating in Cardiff in December 2016 and has been operating on a part time basis whilst I keep trying to get a comfortable pitch for it somewhere.

Q. Tell us a bit about yourself and how it’s developed?

Before I began this I previously worked in retail, then as an activities coordinator for an elderly care home. I grew up just off Culverhouse Cross (the posh end of Ely) and have been living in Canton for nearly 10 years. I am a descendant of boxer Peerless Jim Driscoll which I have to point out because of Jim Driscoll Way the road in Grangetown is named after him! Coffee-Bike is a franchise that began in Germany. And I could not see any other mobile coffee tricycle better than this one. It’s appealing and its quality is very high. I’m a fan of this product myself and am proud that I managed to get one here in Cardiff. I believe it’s good for the city because it is attractive and provides a useful service. But for it to stay it needs local customers to keep it going. Coffee-bike can cater for occasions big and small.


Children enjoying some hands-on craft at the first market. Photo: Keith Hursthouse.

Q. You were at the last Grangetown Market, what did you think of it?

The only negative thing really is that it was small. If I was visiting as a member of the public I probably would have been there for about 10 minutes, I think there needs to be more things for people to look at. And I know that you are working on that. (There are more stalls added for the December 2nd). But I liked the atmosphere and getting to meet young entrepreneurs with interesting products and general local people of all age groups and backgrounds.

Q. What would you recommend?

I highly recommend you try the hot chocolate – it’s very, very good, Chai latte and will also have winter teas such as Lemon and ginger, Chai tea etc. There are new specialities too ,Vegan friendly milk will be stocked and it is important to note that the coffee beans are organic and Fair Trade-certified and that the hot chocolate is Fair Trade too.

Q. Is shopping locally important?

In my view it definitely is. And we need to ask ourselves when was the last time we bought a local product? These community events remind us how wonderful it is to be able to purchase from a local entrepreneur face-to-face. There is a real connection and appreciation of one another so long as the product is good.

Q. Can people purchase from you online?

I can be booked for big and small events. But you can only really order products from me if you are close to where I am operating, then I can deliver orders.


Follow @Coffee2Go9 on Twitter

CoffeeBike UK on Facebook

Grangetown World Market will be at St Patrick’s RC Primary School carpark, Havelock Place/Lucknow Street on Saturday 2nd December, 11am-3pm.


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