Ffwrnes fired up for pizza the action

You might have seen their van. You might be even luckier and tasted their pizza – well the boys are back in town for Grangetown Winter Market on Saturday 2 December (11am-4pm) in St Patrick’s primary school car park. Perfect for a weekend lunch – if you’re popping into the market, or to give you some ballast for the rugby later….

Q How long have you had your business?
Ffwrnes was born in 2014, with the aim of bringing wood-fired Neapolitan style pizza to the sunny streets of Cardiff and beyond.

Q Tell us a bit about yourself and how your business has developed?
Ffwrnes is the coming together of two schoolfriends, Jez & Ieuan. The initial idea was simply to drive around in a little three-wheeled van (name Smokey Pete), and make delicious pizza. This is still partly true today, but as Ffwrnes has evolved we now have a second van (Sam Van Tan), a pizza spot at The Depot and we have some exciting projects on the horizon for 2018!


Q What will you be selling at the market?
Wood-fired Pizza.

Q Market goers have told us that Grangetown World Market has made them more likely to shop locally. Is shopping locally or with independents important?

We believe shopping locally is very important as is using local produce. It means more money stays within our community and more importantly, in our opinion, you get to know the people behind the product, leading to a more personalised customer experience and strengthening the feeling of community.

Q. Do you sell your products online, if so, where can we find them?
We don’t sell products online at the moment but please check out our social media @ffwrnes and website to keep up with our whereabouts.


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