Nature’s gifts for Christmas

Saying it with flowers, Amy Yau is bringing her distinctive jewellery inspired by nature back to Grangetown World Market on 2nd December. Ameow Designs specialises in hand-made and individual pieces. There will be some lovely ideas for Christmas gifts, so take a look.

Q How long have you had your business?

On and off for two years.
Q Tell us a bit about yourself and how your business has developed?
I wanted something creative to make as I was finishing off my thesis (Amy is now a lecturer in marketing). I started off making for family and friends and quickly saw the interest from others, so I approached shops to see the interest in stocking their shops. I’ve always craved being in nature, especially when we lead such busy lifestyles and I don’t think we connect to nature as much as we’d like, so really its an attempt to bring nature closer to us by wearing real botanical pieces. Also the preservation of the flowers is to remind us to live in the moment and to cherish the beauty of time.

Q What will you be selling at the market?

I will be selling real flower jewellery, encasing dandelion seeds, hydrangeas, blossoms, roses, ranunculus, gypsophila with gold/rose gold leaf in modern designs. There will be necklaces, earrings (studs and dangles), bangles, rings, brooches and matching sets. There will also something for the men in our lives that wear cufflink shirts! All are handmade, one off and all unique, as nature intended! They make great gifts as it’s not something you can get on the high street. There are a variety of flowers and colours, all come gift wrapped so it’s ready to gift.



Photos: Keith Hursthouse
Q Market goers have told us that Grangetown World Market has made them more likely to shop locally. Is shopping locally or with independents important?

I think its very important in the world of fast fashion, fast delivery and cheap mass produced goods, its important to slow down, be more mindful and purchase gifts with more meaning and more sustainable in terms of design and not just focus on being on “trend”. Apart from supporting local businesses also knowing that the maker has put their creativity, skill, hard work into making that piece which is unique, handmade, and a one off is something really special. It resonates with me, that’s why I often shop from my fellow makers at the craft fairs I attend and shops that I am stocked at. This Christmas, most, if not all my gifts to friends and family will be from independents. I think it shows a lot more thought too this way. So I say shop local and shop small!

5. Do you sell your products online, if so, where can we find them? online;  instagram just send me a message if you would like to see the full range, new products or would like something customised, you can see on

Amy will be at the Grangetown winter street market on Saturday 2nd December (11am-3pm) at St Patrick’s Primary School carpark (off Havelock Place, 2 mins walk from Penarth Road). See here for list of stalls.


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