The Queen of the market

It’s welcome back to Nelly Adam – a.k.a. Queen Niche – who will be bringing some of her hand-drawn designs to Grangetown World Market on Saturday 2nd December. Since last July, she’s also appeared at other markets in the city, including Riverside.  

Q How long have you had your business?
Queen Niche is a new business idea which is currently in development.

Q Tell us a bit about yourself and how it’s developed?
Freelance artist . I am inspired by everyday life and current events. Some of my inspirations and pieces of work include animals, people, religion and names which are influenced by my natural surroundings and the beauty of nature such as flowers, trees etc.

Q If you were at the last Grangetown Market, what did you think of it?
It was very good with an amazing community spirit – it will be a nice event once it takes off

Q What sort of lines will you have at the next market?
Tshirts, artwork, keyrings, henna, cards, handbags

Q We had a good feedback from market-goers about the atmosphere but also that it would make them more likely to shop locally. Is that sort of thing important?

Very important. A good atmosphere attracts more people.

Photo: Keith Hursthouse

Read more about Queen Niche here 

And she is also featured in the winter Grangetown News

Line-up for Saturday’s market here.


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